Sunroom Additions in Alpharetta, GA

Adding a sunroom to your home can really improve your living space. Schedule a free consultation today.  

Invest in a Sunroom Addition For Your Home

Tired of being cooped up inside? Want to enjoy the beautiful Alpharetta weather without bugs or humidity? A sunroom is the perfect home improvement solution.


Bring the outdoors in and expand your living space with a custom sunroom from Decks Unlimited. Our sunrooms are elegantly designed to match your home’s style while seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor areas. With large windows and glass doors, you’ll enjoy natural light, garden views, and a comfortable place to relax or entertain year-round. We handle the entire project from design to permitting to construction. Our experienced team will help you maximize usefulness with custom layouts and features like fans, lighting, heating, storage, and more.


Dream it and we’ll build it! All of our sunrooms are uniquely created just for you. Invest in your home and quality of life with an Alpharetta sunroom from Decks Unlimited. Contact us today to get started on your custom oasis.

What is a Sunroom?

A sunroom, also known as a glass solarium, is a glass-enclosed space attached to a home, usually built onto an existing patio or deck. Sunrooms can be fully or partially enclosed with glass walls and roof to allow maximum light in. Many sunrooms also incorporate screen panels to provide ventilation and keep out insects when desired. 

Sunrooms are excellent multi-purpose additions, usable year-round. During warm months, they provide a bright, airy space to relax, dine, or entertain. In cooler weather, sunrooms form a buffer zone to allow enjoyment of the outdoor views in a heated, protected environment. The versatility of a sunroom adds valuable square footage and expands how you use your home.


Benefits of Adding a Sunroom

Enjoy the outdoors – Sunrooms allow you to experience the weather and outdoor views even when it’s cold, rainy, or buggy outside. The garden becomes a part of your living space.


Multifunctional space

Use your sunroom as a family room, home office, plant nursery, crafts area, kid’s playroom, or just about anything you can imagine. The possibilities are endless!


Increased home value

Sunrooms offer an excellent return on investment, potentially increasing your home’s value significantly.


Solar heating and lighting

Take advantage of free solar energy to heat and light your sunroom during the day, reducing electricity costs. Strategic overhangs provide shade when needed.


Four Season Sunroom

Enjoy your new seasonal room even in winter months by incorporating insulated glass, fans, baseboard heating, and other optional features for year-round use.

Large sunroom with a beautiful view of trees in Johns Creek, GA

Custom Design Services from Decks Unlimited

Decks Unlimited offers premium design and construction services for sunrooms and other outdoor living projects in Alpharetta, GA, and surrounding areas. Our team has 20 years of experience building sunrooms, porches, patio covers, and decks.

Every sunroom we create is fully customized to match your home’s architecture, style, and intended use. Our design process includes:


Site evaluation

We assess the location of your property to optimize sunlight, views, access, and more.


Needs analysis

How do you plan to use the space? We’ll help you maximize your usefulness.


Material selection

From framing to glass to shingles and siding, we offer diverse options to match your home.



We handle the permitting process from start to finish.


Once the design is finalized, our in-house construction team gets to work. We handle the entire process from start to finish, including utility connections and any electrical or

HVAC work your sunroom requires.


Glass Options

Glass makes up a significant portion of any sunroom. Decks Unlimited provides many types of glass to choose from, allowing you to control privacy, visibility, insulation, glare, and other factors.


Clear glass

Provides the most visibility and allows in the most natural light.


Tinted glass

Reduces glare and heat gain while maintaining views.


Low-E glass

Reflects UV rays and improves insulation. Excellent for all four seasons for your new room.


Laminated glass

Enhances safety and security. Helps block noise.


Insulated glass

Incorporates a gas between two panes to improve thermal performance.


Tempered glass

Extra strong and durable to resist impact. Required indoors and near floor level.

We’ll help you determine the best glass solutions based on sunroom orientation, local climate conditions, and how you plan to use the space.

Optional Sunroom Features

In addition to the basics of framing, walls, windows, and roof, we provide many optional features and accents to enhance usefulness and match your vision. Popular sunroom upgrades include:


Ceiling fans

Promote air circulation. Crucial for warm weather use.


Screen panels

Allow fresh air flow when desired while keeping out bugs.



Draw in even more natural light from above.


Decorative knee walls

Add privacy and style with brick, stone, or wood knee walls.



Built-in cabinets, closets, and benches maximize storage.



Choose tile, wood, or carpet to match or contrast your indoor flooring.


Heating options

Radiant floor heat, baseboard heaters, and more make your sunroom cozy on cool days.


Motorized shades

Control privacy, views, and sunlight with the touch of a button.


The possibilities are endless! We will work with you to design the custom sunroom of your dreams. Each design we create is completely unique based on the home style, space available, and client priorities.

No two are exactly alike. We combine superior craftsmanship with innovative use of light and space.

Our sunrooms seamlessly integrate with existing architecture to look like they belong. Interior details are customized for an elegant, cohesive look. Contact us today to start planning your own custom sunroom oasis.

Exceptional Service Guarantee

In addition to premium design and construction services, Decks Unlimited provides exceptional customer service every step of the way, including:


·     Detailed quotes with no hidden fees

·     Prompt responses to all questions and concerns

·     Regular project updates and communication

·     Pre-construction meeting to finalize details

·     Careful worksite preparation and cleanup daily

·     Quick resolution of any issues that arise

·     Convenient appointment scheduling

·     Dedicated Project Manager


Our number one goal is a smooth process resulting in a sunroom that exceeds your expectations. We don’t consider the job complete until you are fully satisfied.


Invest in Your Home with a Sunroom

A sunroom from Decks Unlimited is an excellent investment that will improve your enjoyment of your home for years while also increasing its value. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and estimate. We service all of Alpharetta and surrounding areas. Our team is ready to answer your questions and get started designing your dream sunroom.

Let the sunshine in with an elegant, multi-use sunroom custom-designed just for you by the experts at Decks Unlimited. Bring the outdoors in and enjoy indoor-outdoor living at its finest. You deserve to have a beautiful, comfortable space perfect for relaxation, entertainment, or productivity. Invest in your quality of life and the value of your home with a custom Alpharetta sunroom – call Decks Unlimited today.


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